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It all comes down to experience and a high standard of care. At Harcourts Tauranga, our property managers treat their clients as if they were in their shoes. We understand the need to find the perfect tenants through credit checks and an in-depth selection process and then look after them to ensure they remain happy, which we’ve discovered extends average tenancy stay. While we take care of them, we clearly communicate all of this back to you through in-depth inspection reports and maximize your return through yearly rent reviews, ensuring your most significant investment gets you the best outcome while it remains looked after.

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Is managing a rental property
yourself worth the hassle?


One of the most important decision Landlords make is whether to manage their rental property themselves or enlist the services of a professional manager. DIY property management may sound easy, but it can be quite complicated and complex with numerous traps.

Issues facing landlords is the legal implication, as risk management is now an essential part of property management. You must ensure that if you are going to do it yourself, then you need to have a thorough understanding of the tenancy legislation and the extensive paperwork that is required. The day-to-day issues and problems that come up need to be addressed. While common issues that you will find emerge are tenants getting behind in their rent, having pets without approval, garden and lawns not being maintained, extra tenants that are not originally accounted for, general maintenance repairs that happen while you are on holiday, and the list goes on.

Landlords need to be careful not to develop a personal connection with their tenants, as they will feel uncomfortable chasing rent arrears. Property Managers are emotionally removed, and it becomes part of their daily routine.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest advantages of putting your investment in the hands of a Property Manager. There are costs involved in employing an expert. However, Landlords paying for a professional service can use these as a taxable deduction when filing tax returns on their investment. Property Managers can also advise on how to best present the property to ensure that a Landlord attracts a good tenant.

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"We were given peace of mind with our investment. The team kept us updated throughout the tenant screening process and we always know how our property is being maintained."

- Samantha Graham

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You want clear communication

You want things to be easy for you. We understand the need for clear and consistent communication. It reduces your stress & anxiety about your largest investment and builds a long-term relationship. Just request a call back and we will appraise your rental and get the process started.


You want quality

You want the best value for your dollar. We don’t cheap out on quick tenant screening, dodgy maintenance jobs, and we’re never satisfied with mediocre work. Our property managers are local to the area and have vast experience in their field. You can be sure your largest investment is looked after to the highest standard.


You want experience

You want to deal with someone who knows what they’re doing. We have a professional team that has over 30 years’ experience. We have built up an extensive network to provide quality tenants while also maximizing market rent with your investment through a yearly review. You can be sure that you’re dealing with credible managers that get the job done.


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The team at Advantage Tauranga specialise in property management. With expertise across multiple fields, our team can provide a well-rounded service ensuring your property is generating income. By understanding the current market, we can facilitate the best results for both landlords and tenants alike.


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