Jack Solomon

Marketing Consultant

Mobile: 0212396130
Email: [email protected]

Jack is an experienced Salesperson with a background in international business and outdoor education from Auckland’s University of Technology and when the opportunity to join high performing Sue Hooper’s team he jumped at the chance.

His studies in international business have enabled him to understand and apply the latest trends in the real estate market, while his time in outdoor education has sharpened his problem-solving skills and improving his adaptability to think outside the box when confronted with difficult situations. Additionally, he has an eye for detail when inspecting properties and the interpersonal skills to negotiate and collaborate effectively with all parties involved in a transaction.
This background has prepared him very well for his career in real estate and he looks forward to utilising the skills learned and developed to assist his clients and customers in achieving their goals.

Jack is passionate about helping people to find the perfect property, If you want a friendly, hardworking salesperson with endless energy and enthusiasm, call Jack now.


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