If you are ready to achieve a new level of success in your real estate career, then we have the plan for you. We work hard to develop our team and provide them with industry-leading systems and tools to ensure they have the greatest opportunity to succeed.

At Harcourts we understand innovation drives success and is led by forward-thinking, passionate people. That is why we are constantly reviewing our plans to stay at the forefront of the real estate industry.

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We've got the plan, are you ready?

Join us for the support

Be lifted to greatness

Harcourts is a team where elevating each other to the next level creates success.
Surround yourself with people who collaborate not compete – people who’ve got your back, share your ambition and are invested in your success.

At every level, you can depend on steadfast backing: practical advice when things get tough, inspiration to see it through and celebration of every win, big or small.


Join us for the training.

Know more. Be more.

Our award-winning Harcourts Academy delivers learning with no limits - world-leading, ultra-accessible and incredibly relevant. Even seasoned professional can leap to the next level with targeted training. Harcourts Academy conducts more than 1,300 training programs each year, transferring know-how, skills and motivation. Our training is on an epic scale delivered when and where it's needed. We offer training online, in groups, via expert panels and one-on-one mentoring. Knowledge is power.


Join us for the technology.

We don't play the game, we change the game.

Our industry-leading digital platforms and technologies equip you to unleash your true potential. With Harcourts you are ultra-connected via a fully integrated, streamlined system. Our responsive, client-centric technologies are at the forefront of real estate. In 2015 Apple™ profiled our mobile apps as market-leading technology - we're the only global agency to achieve that recognition. Techno-brilliance designed to help you succeed.


Steps to becoming a Real Estate Consultant

What Qualifications do I need?

To sell Real Estate in NZ, you need to hold a Real Estate Salesperson Licence. To obtain this you need to have gained the NZ National Certificate in Real Estate (Level 4). One way of obtaining this is through Harcourts.


Study Through Harcourts

The NZ National Certificate in Real Estate (Level 4) can be sat through Harcourts in association with the Skills Organisation. This is unique to Harcourts.


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